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The more Joomla driven Websites one has to maintain, the mor eone wishes the ability to maintain them all without having to log in to each and every single of the Backends. three site.

A possible solution could be "Multi-site-management".

Although this feature has been discussed as one of Joomla's possible core feature, it still needs thrid party extensions.

But let's have a closer look at the actual task first.

Car Dealer Task

Image a car dealer who sells a manufacturer's sport cars beside this manufacturer's utility vehicles. With the cars that have been accepted in payment, the dealer even runs a little second hand car market. The car dealer realizes, that utility vehicles attract a different audience than sport cars and decides to publish two different websites for both kind of audience. To avoid distraction from the manufacturer's cars by the second hand cars, the dealer even wants a third website for the second hand cars to present them as an independent business.

Any idea how to solve this with Joomla?

To anticipate it a bit: there's more than just one solution.